ShinyConf supported by Posit

March 15-17, 2023, all-virtual


ShinyConf 2023

Shiny – Loved by Users, Powered by Community

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ShinyConf is a virtual event hosted by Appsilon with support from Posit. Join this year’s Shiny conference –
registration is now open

What are the goals of ShinyConf?

Shiny Conference goal 1: showcase recent advancements in R Shiny technology

Showcase recent advancements in R Shiny technology such as open source packages, Shiny interoperability, and commercial applications

Shiny conference goal 2: create a shared space

Create a shared space for the diverse global community of Shiny developers to learn, network, and collaborate

Shiny conference goal 3: provide a platform

Provide a platform for long-term knowledge share and application of the state of the art in Shiny

ShinyConf 2023 Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals 2023

The 2023 Call for Submissions is open and we want YOU to get involved. Share your Shiny story on the global stage.

ShinyConf 2022 participants

ShinyConf 2022 Recap

Flashback to the first Appsilon Shiny Conference 2022!

ShinyConf Program Committee

Mouna Belaid, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Mouna Belaid

Marcin Dubel, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Marcin Dubel

Jon Harmon, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Jon Harmon

Curtis Kephart, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Curtis Kephart

Veerle van Leemput, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Veerle van Leemput

Cosima Meyer, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Cosima Meyer

Ian Moore, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Ian Moore

Eric Nantz, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Eric Nantz

Jaqueline Nolis, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Jacqueline Nolis

Marek Rogala, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Marek Rogala

Samantha Toet, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Samantha Toet

Isabella Velasquez, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Avatar

Isabella Velásquez

ShinyConf 2022 in numbers:

Registered participants


Speakers & Panelists

What people say about Appsilon’s Shiny conference:

“I have left the conference seeing so much more possibilities with Shiny than I thought possible before.”

“Awesome event! Sessions were well-timed, and I loved the networking sessions. I have learned new things throughout the entire conference and a lot about Shiny and R.”

“Great group of presenters, nice variety of topics. Looking forward to the next one!

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